Hire a Professional for Mold Testing

Mold is a very real problem in many households today, and that’s unfortunate because a lot of homeowners don’t even realize it. Because this can be so dangerous, you should make sure you have professional testing done any time you suspect mold is present in your home. Below are situations where testing will be particularly useful.

1. Water Damage

If you’ve recently had a leaking roof or water damage in your home, then you will likely have water damage that you need to clean up. That’s because mold grows in dark, moist and warm environments, and that’s exactly what water damage offers. Even if you’ve had the issue repaired and cleaned up, professional mold testing is important to take advantage of. A professional will use their tools to determine where the mold is at, if it is present.

2. Odd Smell

Weird smells can come from a lot of different things, but if you regularly smell something earthy or musty, then you might have mold. It’s always better to be safe and have testing done, otherwise you could have a ton of mold growing without realizing it.

3. Black Mold on Walls

If you have found black mold growing on your walls, then there is likely more where that came from. For example, it could be growing behind your walls, in your attic and in a lot of different areas. This could be causing your entire family a lot of health problems, and that’s why it’s so important to have them do an inspection. They’ll be able to accurately tell you whether or not black mold is a bigger problem than what you suspect.

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